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Right above the cliff, on top of the white sandy beach, you’ll find the tranquil world of Osis Spa with private Ocean View treatment rooms, and a private sundeck. Enter the inspiring world of Osis spa where professional therapists master European and Oriental techniques and philosophies to perfection. Let yourself be carried away in a dimension of total peace and comfort!


Explore the wonders of Zanzibar with Karafuu Beach Resort and SPA's exclusive excursions. With seven main carefully curated journeys, ranging from half-day to full-day experiences, our guided tours offer a perfect blend of cultural discovery and thrilling adventures. Delve into the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Stone Town, snorkel in crystal-clear waters, tour spice farms, and wander through the tranquil Jozani Forest. Accessible by both car and boat, these excursions ensure a seamless and luxurious exploration of Zanzibar's diverse beauty. Create unforgettable memories with us!


Admire the small marine life living in perfect symbiosis with each other. Come and visit the Wimbi Diving Center, where qualified diving instructors, fiberglass boats, and professional diving equipment are the keys to discovering the best diving spots in Zanzibar, with pristine coral reefs and schools of iridescent fish. You will be amazed by the differently shaped corals surrounded by colorful reef fish.


Immerse yourself in luxury and the warmth of African hospitality, in our three Boutiques you’ll find African Artcraft, drugstore, beachwear, jewelry and much more. Experience the richness of African culture through locally crafted Sculptures and Paintings, offering a unique glimpse into Zanzibar's spirit. Elevate your beachside style with a curated collection of coastal fashion, featuring breezy ensembles and vibrant swimwear for the discerning traveler. Indulge in bespoke jewelry inspired by Zanzibar's beauty, blending tradition with contemporary design. From beaded bracelets to gemstone creations, find the perfect accessory to capture the essence of your stay. At Karafuu, our boutiques are more than shopping destinations; they are gateways to the heart of Africa, ensuring you carry a piece of paradise wherever you go.


Explore many recreational options at our resort! From the fully-equipped Afya Gym Club to tennis courts, beach volleyball, pentacle, table tennis, and table soccer and pool tables! Elevate your stay with a perfect blend of fitness and fun, ensuring a memorable and active getaway.

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